Maybe i'm not the best at updating this business, huh?


If you're new to this site: Welcome! As far as "News" goes this year has been going pretty well! i am cohosting a new Monthly variety show in Portland, Maine called Nitecap with my good friend Krister Rollins. So far we've featured some of the best talent that Portland, Maine has to offer in music, comedy and conversation and there's so much more to come! Check the Events page for the next show coming up!

My weird Scooby-Doo podcast has been trucking along weekly! This will mark the 3rd and a half year the podcast has been going and the second year that it's been weekly! New guests, returning guests, weird digressions and fun conversations have been insanely fun for me and the podcast is growing into a real joy of my life. If you visit the podcasts Facebook Page we've even begun to branch out into small video clips as well!

Also in its Super Infancy, my GF and have started a YouTube Channel for our adventures around the New England area and beyond!

The past year or so has been an interesting time to be alive (isn't there some saying about a "Chinese Curse" and is that saying racist?!) and it's a weird and exciting time to create. Here's to more laughs and adventures and hopefully more updates!

Hope to see you at a show!

Hey there...

Currently trying to get my webpage to a place where it contains useful information! But iā€™m lazy and doing things can be tough. As we all know amaright?!?!

BUT some shows are in the works so keep an eye on this space for - hopefully! - some new content about me, my friends, upcoming performances, and new content!

Much love,

~ n